Together we can make impact.

The language, rhythms and passion around sport are unique.  Sport is unmatched in its ability to unite both local communities and large nations, to make its participants and fans alike scream, cry, commiserate, celebrate.  In its struggles and triumphs, nothing else represents such a perfect microcosm of humanity.  Sport IS culture.  And the reality is, nothing else comes close in terms of the power to do good.  

Please join us. 

For Kids Like Us

If you have a cause or nonprofit organization that you'd like to help, please contact us below and tell us why you're passionate about your cause and why you think youth like us should care.

If we select your cause, we will help you bring it to life on the Play4 platform! 

For Coaches

If you're a coach and would like to add Play4 branding to your team's spiritwear to support a cause your team cares about, please contact us below.

We would be happy to work with you on design and pricing, as well as support fundraising with our ecommerce and social media platforms.

For Nonprofit Partners

If you would like to collaborate, please reach out and introduce yourselves using the form below!

One note: we stay away from politics and political campaigns.  We try to not to lean too far right or left.  We just play for things that matter to kids, and that everyone should benefit from.