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Our Founding Team


Elliott (16) founded Play4 with her brother Tanner and oversees Play4's social media. She manages Play4's partnership with Athletes Unlimited, and also focuses on causes that relate to children and youth sports. Elliott enjoys community service, volunteering her time to support a range of activities including Jersey Cares, Habitat for Humanity, Lunch Break, the Special Olympics, and Monmouth Medical Center. She plays lacrosse for her high school and club teams and runs winter track.


Scarlett (15) is part of the founding team and works on social media and influencer marketing. She loves initiating and participating in food drives in her school and town. Scarlett also participates annually in a "Walk for Prems" fundraiser for premature babies, and volunteers for local events with Tigger House Foundation.  She plays soccer for her high school team and loves cheering for Tottenham. 


Tanner (13) founded Play4 with his sister Elliott to combine his passion for playing sports with a desire to do some good in the world. He works on all aspects of the business, and especially likes to order pizza and trophies to mark company milestones. His North Star however is helping struggling youth sports programs in underprivileged communities. Tanner plays lacrosse and basketball, and loves mogul fields.


James (13) is part of the founding team and focuses on the creative aspects of Play4, working on everything from t-shirt to website design. James has spent many hours serving in a New York soup kitchen (where he loves to sneak double desserts to customers) and is especially passionate about causes that support nature and marine conservancy. He plays golf and baseball and loves to fish trout streams.


Joseph (13) is part of the founding team and focuses on Play4's partnerships with professional athletes and other influencers to support Play4 causes. Joseph caught the buzz for philanthropic work after helping raise money to provide health services to his school's therapy dog, Boomer!   He plays lacrosse and basketball, and you can occasionally find him rapping with his little brother.

It started

Over Pancakes

Birthplace of Play4

Our Officers and Board of Directors

Cole Van Nice, Elysian Park Ventures

Tiffany Van Nice

Erika Hagberg, Google Inc

Mason New, New Via, 21st Century Learner

Butler Ball, Physicians Trust